Pathetic Island Fallacy // TheImmaculateHeartOfMary

by PseudoNympho

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A Double A-Side single by PseudoNympho


released May 3, 2012

Wolfgang Bailey, Don Demrow, Sam Evans, Rio Goldhammer, Ben Marsden



all rights reserved


Bunnysnot Records Leeds, UK

Established in name only in 2011 as a vehicle for releasing early PseudoNympho material, Bunnysnot Records arrived officially in 2013 with their first studio album "Eponym", Civil Protection's debut "Stolen Fire" Album, and the signing of Modern Day Dukes.

We fully independent and we release music that we love, irrelevent of genre, and this will always be the case.
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Track Name: Pathetic Island Fallacy
You talk about unity,
but it's just so many polar forces sharing space,
side by side with the same destination,
all common ground but with no cohesion,
any eye contact,
burns through your retina like ultra-violet,
the touch of another man's skin,
seems to tear through your flesh like acid rain falling,

so welcome to the promised land,
where contempt flows like water and there's hatred close to hand,
welcome tyo the human race,
they'll knock you in he dirt and spill their coffee in your face,
you look on with disgust at this pathetic island fallacy and watch as they skip taxes just to stop social mobility

It's an alienation-nation,
and anonymity's my intention,
where empty faces wish you a nice day,
it's an alienation-nation,
with interaction prevention,
where they call it offline interfacing 'cos there's no more conversation

so we're back here again,
and i hope you're settling in,
there's no work to be had and your neighbours are appauling,
but here's 40 a week just to get the ball rolling

so welcome to the promised land
where contempt flows like water
and welcome to the human race
they'll knock you in the fucking dust
Track Name: TheImmaculateHeartOfMary
Learn to walk in those stilettos,
Before you talk like that to me,
no one wants to buy what,
you've been giving them for free,
it's just a fact of life that,
one day you'll have to face,
and there wasn't any fall you know,
you weren't in bed with grace,
It's another waking nightmare,
of last night's drunken dream,
so you spend another morning mourning
a time when you had the right to scream,

"Inferior" you scream,
with bile at our reflection,
the kid that used to live there,
is beyond resurrection,
you murdered an innocent,
so you could occupy attention,
but that civilian casualty
is what you're careful not to mention,
you tell the world you love it,
and sometimes that's what you believe,
but that no one sees in your head
is what's really got you relieved

The immaculate heart of mary's bleeding,
immaculate it still goes on beating,
spitroasted by the son and holy ghost,
and the father is the voyeur enjoying it the most,
the immaculate heart of mary's hiding,
just not enough to keep on lying,
because you like cheap wine and promiscuous sex,
but even you deserve better than those bruises on your neck