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The debut album by PseudoNympho


released March 17, 2014

Wolfgang Bailey, Don Demrow, Sam Evans, Rio Goldhammer, Ben Marsden



all rights reserved


Bunnysnot Records Leeds, UK

Established in name only in 2011 as a vehicle for releasing early PseudoNympho material, Bunnysnot Records arrived officially in 2013 with their first studio album "Eponym", Civil Protection's debut "Stolen Fire" Album, and the signing of Modern Day Dukes.

We fully independent and we release music that we love, irrelevent of genre, and this will always be the case.
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Track Name: Accident of Birth
It all depends on your perception
Your slavery is my emancipation
Its consumerism as liberation
You're free to eat dirt or you're free to eat nothing at all

She worked to death now my trainers cost less
(hey man, check out my new nikes)
She walks on her blisters to stitch for the rich
(I paid top dollar for these)
She worked to death now my trainers cost less
(hey man, I don’t know where they came from)
She'd crawl on hot coals for your life for her family
(they fit so comfortably)

HD red light district, bulimics in lipstick
On every corner neon rape
Gap, Birth of a Nation, McDonalds and Belsen
Arbeit Macht and an early grave for you
Track Name: Pathetic Island Fallacy
You talk about unity
but it's just so many polar forces sharing space
side by side with the same destination
all common ground but with no cohesion
any eye contact
burns through your retina like ultra-violet
the touch of another man's skin
seems to tear through your flesh like acid rain falling

so welcome to the promised land
where contempt flows like water and there's hatred close to hand
welcome to the human race
they'll knock you in the dirt and spill their coffee in your face
you look on with disgust at this pathetic island fallacy and watch as they skip taxes just to stop social mobility

It's an alienation-nation
and anonymity's my intention
where empty faces wish you a nice day
it's an alienation-nation
with interaction prevention,
where they call it offline interfacing 'cos there's no more conversation

so we're back here again
and I hope you're settling in
there's no work to be had and your neighbours are appalling
but here's 40 a week just to get the ball rolling

so welcome to the promised land
where contempt flows like water
and welcome to the human race
they'll knock you in the fucking dust
Track Name: Sunshine and Lollipops
To be one of the hedonic corpus
A looming figure for my make up
Searching oh so endlessly for love
To give me warmth I don't deserve
Oh I would do anything at all
To be like everybody else
But their sociopathic tendencies
I just don't have within me

I try to be
everything you want me to be
why won’t you be my friend?

Does every shadow that you cast
Make you feel like someone else’s ghost
Or does the violence you inflict
Make everything easier for you
You spend so much time looking at yourself
and you don't even cry
what about the voices in your head
Are they even as loud as mine?

Why don’t you love me?
Why won’t you accept me?
Why won’t you be my friend?
You’re just so perfect.
I want to be you.
Track Name: Buried Alive
I never stood a chance
and I never saw it coming
Oh My God!
Here it comes again
Track Name: Big Enough For Rehab
When it's the drugs that keep you thin
& they burn out the cold within
Then you know it's time to quit
But with you it's just for a little high
That rush to stop you going out of your mind
You're a big boy now you can handle it

Baby you know you're a star now,
You're big enough for rehab
Woah, Yeah, everybody loves you
and there's nothing that you can't have
Just one taste could be your downfall
'Cause they know you're addicted
But you're satisfied with the red top headlines
'Cause you're big enough for rehab now

Entice me, tempt me with the lie
Load me up and hear me sigh
I couldn't wait to feel so warm
But I still know I'm in control
Your guilt trip's getting kind of old
You know I revel in your scorn
Track Name: Matryoshka
These are the burning embers
Of who I used to be
My nerves were severed long ago
But would you bury me
Someone I never spoke to
Cremated every word I spoke
I never knew that I would
Just throw away my oath

I made some promises I didn't mean to break
I took some liberties I didn't mean to take

From the first time I saw you I knew
Life would never be the same
& my life changed forever,
When I learned your name
Your face is everywhere I go
I can't escape your voice
You sound so disappointed
But I had no choice
Track Name: Educate Yourself
A nervous Laughter fills the room
A chink of light to pierce the gloom

One Step at a time
Educate yourself
Two steps should be fine
Educate yourself
That's not what random means
Educate yourself
You're happy with your worthless dreams
Educate yourself

You can't hold on 'cause your palms are sweating
Don't look at me that way this is all you're getting
Track Name: Ugly Inside
I can’t sleep
My teeth grind
I'm drowning
In my own mind
The lies hurt
But the truth scars
You can't take it back
'Cause you went too far

So feed me that sweet morphine
I could never get my fill
Wraps its arms around me
Comfort even though it makes me ill
Fill me up with beautiful lies
Take me somewhere warm to hide
I run to you for safety
even though you’re so ugly... inside

My face hurts
My mouths dry
The light burns
& the air stings my eyes
Dust that floats
In sunbeams
Is dead remnants
Of all the bad dreams

The deadliest flower
Has the sweetest smel